Community Class $12

Tulsi Bagnoli Community Class

Community Class
with Tulsi Bagnoli

Tuesday and Thursdays
$12 Community Class

This Hatha Yoga practice combines asana, movement, breathwork, and a series of practices that communicate her unique experience and understanding of the yoga of feeling. Participants will learn to integrate breath, yoga posture, and heart feeling to strengthen the body, release constricting emotions, practice acceptance of what is, while moving into openness, and invoking gratitude in the fabric of one’s being. Weaving the alchemy of her own 30-year practice and experience as a student, Tulsi creates endless space for authenticity and deep healing. She intuitively personalizes each class as medicine for her students’ needs. The invitation is to come as you are and practice your yoga.
All levels welcome! $12


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Tulsi Bagnoli