Yoga Desa is a yoga and movement studio based in Topanga, California. We offer a wide variety of classes, workshops and events. Contact us if you are interested in renting Yoga Desa for your next workshop, class or special event.
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Workshops and events shall be confirmed and calendared once a non-refundable deposit is received by Yoga Desa. The non-refundable amount shall be applied to the rent that is due. In no event shall rent be less than the non-refundable deposit. Once an event is scheduled it cannot be canceled without forfeiting the deposit. Please note that Yoga Desa is not responsible for acts of God or subsequent road closures.

Rent is billed at either a flat (fixed) rent equal to the deposit required to hold the space, or a percentage rent of 35% of the monies collected for attendance to the event. Percentage rent usually applies to events such as concerts, sound baths, performances, teacher training, etc. Most events at Yoga Desa fall under the flat rent category.


Workshops up to 3 hours: $100 weekday / $150 weekend inc. Friday evening

(In most cases each additional hour adds $40)

Sound Baths: $100

Concerts: $200 (Cleaning deposit may apply)

Private class: $50

Filming: Ask for a quote

Teacher trainings: Ask for a quote



Venmo: brian90290 (last 4 digits of phone number 3060)

Check written to Yoga Desa and either dropped off or sent to:

525 S. Topanga Cyn Blvd, Topanga, CA 90290 (site of Jalan Jalan Imports).

Be sure to note what the payment is for!

If additional payment is due, Yoga Desa shall be supplied an accounting of how many participants attended the event and how much was collected. Balance of rent shall be paid as noted above or left in a sealed, labeled (name/date/time of event) envelope in the first file (“Brian”) of the black plastic file box in the upper right cabinet behind the desk. If you are returning a key (then exiting out the back door that automatically locks) you can leave the key (also in labeled envelope) or other correspondence, there as well. If you are leaving the key and locking the studio by exiting out the back door, make sure all your personal belongings are with you as you will have no means of re-entry.


It is strongly encouraged that workshops and events (herein “Clients”) are scheduled at least one month prior to the event to allow time for marketing and promotion. Client is required to create an 8.5” x 11” flyer which shall be emailed to Yoga Desa ( in a printable format. Yoga Desa shall print, laminate and post the flyer at the studio. Flyer shall NOT contain Yoga Desa’s email or phone number.

Once the event is scheduled, Client shall go to and fill out the form COMPLETELY. This sends the information to Ms. Daryl Misrac who manages our website, events promotion/newsletter and Facebook. You will then be included in our bi-monthly eblast (over 2000 qualified subscribers) and Facebook updates. DO NOT solely rely on Yoga Desa’s marketing! If you don’t have a marketing plan, I do not suggest having your event at Yoga Desa. Take advantage of local bulletin boards for flyers and web sites such as Topanga Local and Nextdoor Topanga. The more thorough your promotion, the more successful your event will be.


The room shall be left in the manner received, blankets folded, props stowed and stacked, trash emptied if necessary, furniture replaced as found and floors thoroughly dust mopped. There are photos on the inside of the door of the upper right cabinet behind desk with examples of desk set up and stacked blankets and bolsters. There is a “post-class cheat sheet” taped to the desk, PLEASE READ it before you leave. Be sure the heat is ON and set to 75 degrees, lights and stereo off, trash emptied, shades open and doors locked. Very important about the heat, or the morning class may freeze. Some events, such as concerts and dance events, may require a $100 refundable cleaning deposit. Events with excessive amounts of sweaty bare feet (dance events or concerts with dancing shall be required to wet mop the floor, which procedure will be explained prior to event). If the room is not properly cleaned and tidied, you WILL lose your cleaning deposit and you will NOT be holding future events at the space. Yoga Desa’s owner, Brian Gibson (310.351.3060), may meet Client at studio to transfer a key and go over cleaning procedure. At the very least Brian and Client will have a phone conversation prior to the event. It is of the utmost importance that the next class/event find the studio warm, clean and tidy.


There are no shoes, food or drinks other than water allowed in the studio. Real wax burning candles are not allowed unless discussed in advance. Nothing abrasive shall be placed on the floor. Concerts and dance events open to the public are required to have a dedicated person assigned to collecting funds at the door. Events with loud music or drumming shall keep the doors CLOSED as to not disrupt our neighbors. Sound carries in Topanga.


In the case of workshops, studio owner Brian Gibson and up to one guest may attend free of charge. In the case of larger events, such as concerts, dance event and performances, Brian and up to three guests may attend free of charge. There will be events where this may not work for Client for a variety of reasons. If there is interest in attending it will be discussed prior to the event.


If you have any questions or would like to connect, call Brian Gibson at 310.351.3060 or send an email to

The above guidelines are intended to be general in nature and are intended to give those interested in Yoga Desa as a venue a general overview of our policy concerning workshops and events. These guidelines do not constitute a complete set of rules and may change without notice.

Please indicate your acceptance of these general terms by completely filling in the information below, signing and emailing to