MONDAY9am – 10:30amSibyl BuckLevel 2
MONDAY10:45am – 12:15pmSibyl BuckEasy Does It*Download Flier
MONDAY6pm - 7:15pmLauren FlynnMixed level flow
MONDAY7:30-9:00pmMeghan Mahealani MorrisAmba Yoga-$20 drop in/$18 with seriesDownload Flier
TUESDAY7:30am – 8:45amDanielle Bhajan Joti Kundalini & Meditation Download Flier
TUESDAY9:15am – 10:45amVivica SchwartzLevel 2
TUESDAY11:00am – 12:30pmAnnmarie SoulLevel 1*Download Flier
TUESDAY6:00pm – 7:15pm Danielle Bhajan JotiYoga Fusion**Download Flier
TUESDAY8:00am - 9:30pmKate Shela5 Rhythms Dance
WEDNESDAY10:45am – 12:15pmSarah GuldenLevel 1Download Flier
WEDNESDAY3:15pm – 4pm Danielle Bhajan JotiKids 3-6 YogaKids & Family Yoga
WEDNESDAY4:15pm – 4:45pmDanielle Bhajan JotiKids 1-2 YogaKids & Family Yoga
WEDNESDAY6pm - 7:15pmLauren FlynnMixed level flow
THURSDAY7:30am – 8:45amDanielle Bhajan Joti Kundalini & Meditation Download Flier
THURSDAY9:15am – 10:45amVivica SchwartzLevel 2
THURSDAY11:00am – 12:30pmAnnmarie SoulLevel 1*Download Flier
THURSDAY6pm – 7:15pmDanielle Bhajan JotiYoga Fusion**Download Flier
THURSDAY8:00pm - 9:30pmKatarina GleicherAfrican Dance. All levels.
FRIDAY9:00am – 10:30amSibyl BuckLevel 1/2Download Flier
FRIDAY10:45am - 12:15pmSibyl BuckEasy Does It*Download Flier
SATURDAY9:00am - 10:15amSarah GuldenGentle Flow*Download Flier
SATURDAY10:30am – 12:00pmAnnmarie SoulLevel 2/3 Flow
SUNDAY8:45am - 10:15amLydia GreenAll Level FlowDownload Flier
SUNDAY10:30am – 11:45pmVivica SchwartzEasy Does It*

COST: $20 per class or buy a book of 10 for $180

Additional Class Notes:
* Our gentlest classes. Great for beginners, older, injured, pre/post-natal, or anyone desiring a gentle class.
** See flyer at Yoga Desa for class description and information.
*** Economy Class for $10

Visit our Special Events page for details on upcoming workshops and programs.


Unless otherwise posted, Yoga Desa will be CLOSED on:
New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

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