Amba Movement Teacher's Training -
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Amba Movement Teacher’s Training



Amba Movement Teacher’s Training Summer Immersion

Wednesday July 31st – Wednesday August 14th, 2019

The world is rapidly shifting, as women are stepping into our feminine power.

The time to harness that power is NOW.

In the Amba Movement Teacher’s Training, you’ll learn to embody your fullest potential, and help other women do the same. In addition to the 2 week immersion you’ll receive home practices, assignments, small group projects, and ongoing support.

Body Awakening Practices: learn daily vital energy breath + movement exercises to learn how keep your energy circulating and steady all day long. These practices will sustain you when you become a teacher, so that you can keep your vitality flowing and not get burned out or depleted.

Goddess Feasts: Included in tuition is 2 goddess feasts. The feasts are organic, exquisite, divine community meals.

Elemental Nature Adventures: Nature adventures to local beaches, mountains & grandmother oak trees.

Graduation Retreat + Party: The training culminates with a daylong retreat and graduation ceremony on the final evening of the training, which family + friends are welcome to attend.

Teaching Tool Kit: In addition to your training manual, you’ll receive a teaching tool kit with class sequences, themes, playlists, class descriptions, tools for building your classes and developing a private Amba Embodiment Session practice, tips on how to promote your classes, resources, photos to use, and practices from Meghan to help you stay deeply nourished and inspired while so that you can sustain your energy while you teach.

You will learn the 3 Aspects of Feminine Embodiment

Sacred: Your essence, your higher wisdom, your presence
Wild: Your living earth body, your primal self, your gut knowing
Loved: Your receptivity, your compassion, your strong, open heart

You will access the Five Elements of Nature within your very own body:

Earth – structure, strength, stability
Water – fluid, nourishing movement
Air – open expansion, spacious lengthening
Fire – activation, letting go, invigorating movement
Space – return to feeling whole, replenished, and connected

“The Amba Teacher Training has really allowed me to drop so much deeper; deeper into my own essence and knowing, deeper into my willingness to stay and feel and move through the tough moments and emotions, deeper into receiving the love and support within me, from my partner, and from the Earth. Since taking the teacher training, I feel so much more grounded in my purpose and inner knowing, and am so much more able to clearly express and communicate what it is that I have to share with the world. There is an undying sense of belonging now, within me and around me. Amba is not just a practice, it is a community of powerful, inspiring women. It has completely changed how I relate to myself, to others, and to the world; in the richest of ways. I now show up in my” full power, my full voice, my full beauty. Exactly how it was always meant to be.
– Hannah Grasso, 2018 TT Graduate

“In the Amba Training, I learned that my body is waiting for me, all the time. Like the earth, she is there, steady and waiting for you to come back to her. Amba is coming back home to your body in a pure and genuine way in any moment you choose to put your presence there. And in there is joy and pure aliveness.”
– Jessica Kelton, 2018 Amba TT Graduate


Wednesday July 31st – Wednesday August 14th, 2019


Two Week Immersion 10am-6pm

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